Schneider Electric acquires Telvent

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Schneider Electronic acquires Telvent

Schneider Electric (Rueil-Malmaison, France) has achieved the regulatory approval from the European Union competition authority  for the proposed acquisition of Telvent GIT, S.A. (Madrid, Spain) by Schneider Electric España, S.A.U., a wholly owned subsidiary of Schneider Electric.

“We see strong complementarities of Telvent’s solution offering and that of Schneider Electric, as well as a good cultural fit of people and spirit. We believe that our customers will benefit highly from this combination. With Schneider Electric, Telvent expects to expand its global footprint, especially in the fast growing new economies. We look forward to this next phase of the development of our company” says Ignacio González Domínguez, Telvent’s Chairman and CEO.

About Telvent

Telvent is a global IT solutions and information services provider serving the energy, transportation, agriculture and environment sectors with real-time business intelligence solutions enable clients to make better decisions as they manage vast infrastructure and complex daily operations. Examples of solution areas are:

  • Telvent systems manage more than 60 percent of the total hydrocarbon movements in North American and Latin American pipelines.
  • Telvent intelligent transportation systems control traffic at 9,000 intersections used by 195 million drivers per day and manages the journey of over 2.5 billion passengers per year on train and metro networks and ensure the safe and efficient departure and arrival of more than 700 million airline passengers annually.
  • Telvent systems control the transmission and distribution of over 140,000 GWh through electrical grids serving millions of people in large and small markets all over the world.
  • The government of Spain uses Telvent systems to control the entrance of more than 50 million people a year through the Spanish frontiers.
  • Telvent manages water distribution in Europe, Northern Europe, North America, Latin America, and the Middle East.
  • In agriculture, Telvent provide customized, business-critical marketing, production and management information to 700,000 customers across the North American grains and livestock complex, making a direct contribution to significantly greater efficiency in food production and distribution.
  • In Europe and South America, Telvent manage IT infrastructure for more than 350 companies through their data centers network.

Telvent currently has a staff of over 6,000  working in 17 corporate offices worldwide.

About Schneider Electric

Between energy generation and its usage, Schneider Electric provides technology and integrated solutions to optimise energy usage in markets like energy & infrastructure, industry, data centres, buildings and residential. With a portfolio in electrical distribution, industrial automation, critical power & cooling, building management and security, Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management and a world player in the market for energy efficiency solutions. Schneider Electric employs more than 110,000 employees and operate in more than 100 countries.

Source: Schneider Electric and Telvent.

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