Tableau Software Part of the Curriculum and the Business at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico

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Tableau Software

Tableau Software

Tableau Software, (Seattle, WA, USA) a global leader in rapid-fire, easy-to-use business analytics software, have announced its technology is part of the business intelligence curriculum at the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education—the MIT of Mexico. Students in the classrooms are gaining hands-on experience on solving complex business challenges using Tableau for visual analytics. Monterrey Tech is also using Tableau in its business operations to analyze data around personnel and its students.

The Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education is one of the largest, private multi-campus universities in Latin America with over 85,000 students enrolled per semester at the high school, undergraduate and postgraduate levels on 31 campuses and 25 cities throughout Mexico. Monterrey Tech is renowned as one of the top graduate business schools in the region and Tableau is helping its students gain a competitive edge as part of the world-class academic program.

“Our students weren’t reaching their full academic potential simply by pouring over spreadsheets,” said Manuel Terán Melgarejo, Director of the BI Administration at Monterrey Tech. “From the point of view of academia, the intuitive software is the perfect tool to teach business analytics and visualization to the future top business leaders.”

Tableau Software is an integral part of the curriculum for the “Database Management for Decision-Making” class taken by many industrial engineering students, but is widely taken by students from other departments, such as economics. Professors are taken aback with how quickly students are able to navigate the user-friendly dashboards to analyze information in a few clicks.

students are able to analyze and understand data

students are able to analyze and understand data

Thanks to the Tableau academic programs, students at Monterrey Tech are able to analyze and understand data as a core skill. Tableau offers free copies of Tableau Desktop Professional to students enrolled full-time attending an accredited institution. Faculty at Monterrey Tech also have access to a desk copy as part of the program, which allows instructors to stop worrying about how to connect to data and spend more time answering questions.

On their end, the administration uses Tableau for managing personnel records, types of service contracts and positions held so they can easily track employment history. Monterrey Tech also uses Tableau to track student body enrollment, courses taken, flow of classes and even preferences in time of day for selecting classes.

“Tableau is revolutionizing the way organizations tackle their big data needs and we’re excited that the technology is a mainstay in the classroom, where business leaders are being molded,” said Miguel Nhuch, Vice-President of Latin America for Tableau Software.

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