ABAS Hosts Business Solutions Event in Elgoibar, Spain

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AbasABAS Ibérica hosted a business solutions event at IMH (Machine Tool Institute) in Elgoibar, Spain. The event focused on how to increase business efficiency and productivity with ERP. Udo Boettcher, Global IT Manager at longtime ABAS user Lisega, shared the story of ERP at Lisega and how it contributed to their global success. Local manufacturing companies from various industries, including automotive, steel and machinery, attended the event.

Lisega – Hidden champion and abas user for more than 20 years

The event’s highlight was the presentation by Udo Boettcher, Global IT Manager at longtime abas user Lisega. Mr. Boettcher discussed the advantages Lisega has enjoyed with abas ERP and shared his experience with international ERP implementations. Lisega uses abas Business Suite at 7 production sites on 4 continents, including in the USA, Germany, France, Saudi Arabia, and China. Additionally, one of the major benefits for LISEGA is the multiple language support provided by ABAS Software AG and local abas partners. Support for multiple languages provides a number of key advantages. For instance, users in at any one subsidiary can immediately share data and customizations with users at any of the other subsidiaries.

lisegaFounded in 1964, LISEGA GmbH has since established itself as an international market leader for pipe mounting systems. Through exclusive specialization LISEGA has developed a product range that excels in quality and ease of use. Their selection of over 10,000 modular mounting components is revolutionary in the plant engineering and construction industry.

abas Business Suite – increasing efficiency and profitability

The main topic of the event was how to embrace change in order to stay competitive in a continuously changing environment. Requirements for small and medium manufacturing companies are becoming more demanding every day. Competition is growing constantly and the need to reduce costs is unavoidable. Jordi Soler, Projectmanager from ABAS Ibérica, local Spanish abas software partner, showed in a live demonstration the flexibility and power of abas Business Suite, as well as how to easily access and visualize data from the ERP system. By providing a total package, abas Business Suite enables customers to control and manage all business processes, from production, sales and purchasing to financial accounting, materials management, cost controlling, and much more. Exactly what midsize manufacturing businesses need to succeed in today’s markets.

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