Norwegian IT Giant Buys Wallmob

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Wallmob is acquired by Visma

Wallmob have recently announced that Visma, a Norwegian IT company, has acquired them. Visma’s acquisition of Wallmob is an attempt to position itself by implementing mPOS and multichannel solutions. For Wallmob this means an opportunity to challenge the Scandinavian market as well as the international market – future wise.

Wallmob are proud of the unique opportunity it is to be working side by side with Visma and that they are able to combine and establish innovative ideas from the two companies, though still being aware of the importance of preserving Wallmob’s independence in execution and communication. Wallmob still want to ensure their disruptive approach and to keep challenging the market.

Ken Villum Klausen, CEO, Wallmob

Ken Villum Klausen, CEO, Wallmob

”The spirit of entrepreneurship is still the force of Wallmob and with Visma on board, we are now able to raise the pace and conquer market position. “Visma know what they want and that’s why they have to rely on partners like Wallmob, to keep up with the constant growth and changes in retail. We are proud to be that partner. ” CEO, Wallmob, Ken Villum Klausen.”

Wallmob-Visma is the perfect constellation, since our view on growth and ambition is the same. The value of being two Scandinavian companies makes the band even stronger.

About Wallmob

Wallmob develops integrations for multichannel solutions and solutions for mobile Point of Sale where tablets replace stationary cash registers. Customers can make purchases directly from store clerks anywhere in the store, reducing queues and waiting. The solution is a replacement or an add-on to stores’ existing retail solutions and can be integrated with both e-commerce solutions and loyalty programs. The sales assistant can complete transactions anywhere in the store and the customer does not need to stand in line. Wallmob is based in Denmark with offices in Vejle and Copenhagen with customers in Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Germany, such as Jack & Jones, Selected and L’Oréal.

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