Poor Mobile Coverage? Blame Your Phone, Not the Operator

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Mobile operators & mobile coverage

Mobile operators & mobile coverage

Most countries see an increasing number of customer complaints about poor mobile coverage, but the world’s mobile networks has never been better in terms of capacity and technology. Ironically, just as the mobile industry has done more to invest and improve in network coverage, consumers increasingly complain of poor mobile coverage.

There are a number of reasons why people experience poor coverage, and in many cases, the reason is not something that the mobile operator can control. Here’s a typical issue with the iPhone: A user wants to make a call. There is a full signal on the phone. Then the signal disappears. The call can’t be made for some time. Finally the signal returns, and the call can be made. In the meanwhile the user blames his mobile provider, not Apple.  But truth be told, the problem is not the network.  It’s a bug in the iPhone. Users should complain to Apple, not their mobile provider.

Strand Consult has run a process in Denmark in order to investigate, describe, and ultimately improve the perception of mobile coverage. The process is described in the report How mobile operators can reduce cost for mobile masts and improve mast regulation. This report is purchased by operators that want to lessen the number of complaints they receive about mobile coverage as well.  Strand Consult has also developed a program consisting of knowledge and workshops where it works with operators, helping them to reduce their challenges with mobile coverage.  Read about the 10 Steps to reduce cost for mobile masts and improve mast regulation.

Mobile industry should take poor coverage seriously

Mobile industry should take poor coverage seriously

This research note includes some of the lessons that Strand Consult has learned in Denmark and other countries. It offers insight to those, particularly operators and regulators, facing similar challenges with mobile coverage.  Strand Consult believes that it is time that the mobile industry take the problem of mobile coverage seriously and make resolving it a strategic priority. The problems associated with poor mobile coverage cannot be addressed by mobile operators alone, but they require close collaboration from a variety of stakeholders including politicians, regulators, municipalities, site owners, infrastructure providers, and users.

Based upon its international experience, Strand Consult has identified the 10 trends of mobile coverage and why consumers complain. Read about the trends.

Do you experience network problems with your iPhone, Nokia, Samsung or HTC phone?   Your choice of phone determines the quality of mobile coverage you experience.  Phone manufacturers are running away from their responsibility to tell you about it. Read the research note.

Telecom regulators in eight European countries launch a war against smartphones. They say that consumers demand transparency, and phone manufacturers need better disclosures. Read the research note.

Few appreciate how expensive it can be to set up a mobile tower.  Site owners have monopolies on their property and frequently abuse their ownership at operators’ expense. Read The increasing rental costs for land where mobile masts have been erected is a ticking bomb under the mobile industry.

Brazilian telecom regulator Anatel estimates what mobile operators could earn by providing better coverage and quality of service in Brazil. Strand Consult agrees with some of the estimates, but finds the conclusions oversimplified. Read the research note.

There is no doubt that the internet drives change and transformation, but the discussion gets excessive when many describe high speed internet connections as the miracle drug to cure all the economic problems of society. The reality is that broadband is just one variable in a complex equation of economic development.  Strand Consult opposes governmental involvement in the broadband market for a number of reasons. Too often a case is made for government-funded broadband based on myths and emotional arguments.  Strand Consult’s job is to build a discussion on facts and dispel the myths of the broadband debate.

Infrastructure providers can be impacted negatively when it is difficult for operators to get the permission to deploy networks. When mobile operators can’t get permission, infrastructure providers will experience it directly on their bottom line with lower sales. Read how Infrastructure providers are suffering given the challenges of mobile coverage.

As a result of the multi-stakeholder process led by Strand Consult, Denmark is one country in the world where operators have lessened complaints significantly and improved public perception about mobile coverage. In Demark politicians, regulators, the media, operators, and other stakeholders are working together to improve mobile coverage.

Strand Consult’s team of experts has broad and deep experience in the telecommunications industry. This knowledge helps operators navigate in a complex world where the ability to make the right decisions is the foundation for success. To learn more about Strand Consult’s research, reports and strategic workshops, contact Strand Consult at info@strandconsult.dk.

To learn more about how mobile operators can lessen complaints about mobile coverage, improve customers’ experiences, and reduce costs associated with building and operating mobile networks, contact Strand Consult.

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