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Aventura (software for healthcare) gets venture funding

AventuraHQ (Denver,CO, USA) has raised more than $13 million in its first round of institutional venture funding. The round was led by HLM Venture Partners and Excel Venture Management with participation by Siemens Venture Capital (SVC). All these firms have major healthcare expertise.

Aventura provides clinicians near-instant access to their clinical data from any end point device. The software dynamically molds existing desktop and application sessions to the right data and applications every time a doctor or nurse changes locations. The result is increased clinician productivity and satisfaction, while reducing the risk of medical errors and patient privacy leaks.

Aventura software works in both virtual and non-virtual desktop environments, making it immediately useful for U.S. hospitals, outpatient facilities and large patient practices.

According to CEO Howard Diamond, “I am thrilled that three of the world’s top medical venture firms have looked seriously under the hood and come to the same conclusion: our technology makes a major difference in the lives of the clinicians providing patient care. This is a significant vote of confidence in our technology, our people and our business.”

“What we found especially telling is that once physicians see and use Aventura, they are totally unwilling to give it up”, said Teo Forcht Dagi, MD, Partner in HLM Venture Partners. “What we like about Aventura is that they have a very experienced management team leading an effort to give back time to providers in hospitals. This is a technology that safeguards patient data, extends the life of existing networks, and is hugely compatible with existing healthcare IT systems.”

The big benefit, according to Diamond, is that computers and data management no longer delay patient care services. Clinicians have the electronic applications they need in close to real time so that they can meaningfully use electronic medical records. Aventura untangles the complex network of clinical applications and hardware so doctors and nurses spend less time with computers and more time with patients.

Source: AventuraHQ

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