Milestone receive DKK 15m from Danish National Advanced Technology Foundation

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In a collaboration between leading researchers at Aalborg University (AAU) and Technical University of Denmark (DTU), as well as technology experts from Securitas and Nabto, Milestone Systems (Brøndby, Denmark), the open platform company in IP video management software, will be developing a new, cutting-edge video surveillance solution. Video surveillance can be used to prevent theft in both private homes and large crowded areas such as railway stations and airports.


Hans Jørgen Skovgaard, VP, Product Development, Milestone Systems

Hans Jørgen Skovgaard, VP, Product Development, Milestone Systems

“We expect the solution to help reduce burglaries and increase the rate at which home robberies are solved, as it will become more and more common to buy video surveillance security packages for private homes. At the same time the solution will result in resource savings in the security industry because it will reduce responses to many false alarms: Securitas could quickly get an overview of whether there is a real alarm or not,” says Hans Jørgen Skovgaard, VP, Product Development, Milestone Systems.

The solution among other things will be able to manage and search metadata, so it will be possible to quickly find specific video, for example all recordings that contain black cars recorded within a specific time period at a distance of 200 meters from City Hall. The solution will also have built-in analytics, making it possible to detect irregular movement patterns, like unauthorized persons walking around in a yard. Where traditional systems sound an alarm if there is a burglary or similar, the new solution will give an alert before the break-in occurs. With this project Milestone Systems hopes to develop a unique solution that can be sold worldwide.

Milestone will bring together leading experts in Denmark, who can contribute to solving the technical challenges that the project entails.


Lars Thinggard, CEO, Milestone Systems

Lars Thinggard, CEO, Milestone Systems

“We are very pleased to spearhead this exciting research project with DTU, AAU, Securitas and Nabto. The various skills we all bring to the project means that it will have just the right mix of research, technological know-how and deep insight into the global security market and users’ challenges and needs. We will jointly be able to create a new, innovative solution that our partners can offer end customers in the fight against burglary,” says CEO Lars Thinggaard, Milestone Systems.

Among the technological challenges is ensuring privacy and the handling of firewalls in private homes, which are Nabto’s specialty, in addition to practical management of very large data volumes.

The overall project budget: DKK 29,698,740
Foundation investment: DKK 14,832,141
Milestone investment: DKK 8,700,000
Project title: Managed Video as a Service (MVaaS)
Duration: 3 years

Source: Milestone Systems

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