Podio launches new calendar with Google Integration

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Podio release new calendar integrations

Podio (Copenhagen, Denmark) have recently launched an improved Podio calendar, with some very smart new features. These include two new integrations with Google Calendar and Outlook calendars using Microsoft Exchange.

Historically, calendaring, scheduling and tracking deadlines has been cut off from the real work getting done in a collaborative environment – we’d schedule meetings and mark events in one place, but set deadlines in a separate system. Now, your primary calendar can be tightly connected and in-sync with your work getting done in Podio, offering you one global view of all your ongoing projects and events, that’s customizable and delivered in realtime, so there’s no more double bookkeeping.

The calendar in Podio has also gained a clever new filtering tool. With the relevancy slider you can quickly go from a broad overview of your work to a dedicated view that shows only your meetings and tasks.

And, thanks to Podio’s GoToMeeting integration, all your meetings scheduled using Podio GoToMeeting-enabled apps, will now automatically update your external calendar, once connected.

The new Podio calendar can:

  • Connect with Outlook via Microsoft Exchange and Google Calendar: You can connect your Podio calendar with your primary Outlook Exchange or Google calendar and keep track of all your critical Podio projects, deadlines, meetings and events, including any GoToMeeting details.
  • Customize and Personalize the Podio Calendar: Customizable your viewing options, using our new sliding-bar filter that enables you to quickly toggle between personal and team events or display a custom combination of both.
  • Follow and Sync Workspace-Specific Calendars and Events: You can “follow” or subscribe to apps and app content within workspaces to include them as deadlines and events on your primary external Outlook Exchange or Google calendars.

Source: Podio

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