Cloudwords reduces the cost of language translation for software companies

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Cloudwords reduces the cost of language translation for software companies

Cloudwords Inc., (san Fransisco, CA, USA) has formally launched the industry’s first native cloud-based translation platform, becoming the most innovative and cost-effective way for companies to completely manage their translation process. The Cloudwords Translation Management Automation (TMA) solution helps companies expand their global presence faster, more easily and with enterprise-class quality.

Available in two editions, Basic and Professional, the cloud-based solution includes a translation project management platform with unmatched scalability, security and ease-of-use features, resulting in significant advantages over any other solution currently available within the market. Going global with Cloudwords is easier, faster, less expensive and more reliable than with any other solution in part because of centralized project collaboration, seamless integration with business critical applications and cutting-edge business analytics. Cloudwords customers experience a lower cost of ownership, saving an average of more than 50% on their first translation initiative.

In a market estimated to be over $20 billion, Cloudwords is poised to capture market share while simultaneously empowering its customers to reduce the time and cost related to each translation project, while enhancing their ability to sell globally. As a cloud-based solution, Cloudwords makes it possible for users to share and collaborate on translation projects with anyone within their company, with outside vendors — anywhere in the world — all from one central place that is easily managed.

“Managing the translation process, specifically the review process when content changes are required between various stakeholders, can be very time consuming. Cloudwords has helped us simplify and consolidate our workflow by providing our teams and vendors with a centralized management tool that provides a single view for project management, communications and revisions — which has increased our efficiency,” said Richard Evans, Director of Marketing for EMEA from Silverpop.

Prior to Cloudwords most customers were faced with two choices: Either procure and manage the translation process without any effective tools or alternatively, pay for multi-million dollar on-premise software. These choices left an obvious void for a large segment of the industry and rendered many without viable options for their translation needs. Cloudwords innovated to fill this void by dramatically simplifying the arcane and cumbersome translation process that has existed for years. Currently, Cloudwords customers are translating in more than 100 languages across 50 countries and translation projects that were once taking them months to complete are now taking mere weeks.

Cloudwords feature highlights include:

Highly Scalable: Cloudwords can easily scale to meet the needs of any customer. Thanks to its elastic and fully dynamic architecture, Cloudwords can support thousands of users per account and can handle translation projects and file sizes in the thousands of gigabytes.

Impressively Secure: Cloudwords understands that data is power and therefore each piece of data must be secured. Its enterprise-class security strictly follows the highest levels of security best practices and implementations. With a SAS70 Type II audited and certified data center, Cloudwords only allows connections to its service using 128-bit SSL certificates. Access to the production environment is strictly guarded and access is only allowed via an established two-factor authentication.

Definitively Simple: The easy-to-use application offers a clearly defined process for procuring and managing translation services, thus enabling customers to spend a fraction of the time and cost it would traditionally take to execute on their translation initiatives.

“As a pioneer and innovator in translation management, we spent a significant amount of time gathering intelligence to help solve the problems our customers are facing within the category of translation. Some of the world’s leading organizations are turning to Cloudwords because they are tired of confusing spreadsheets and managing projects with lengthy emails,” said Michael Meinhardt, CEO and Co-Founder of Cloudwords, Inc. “The Cloudwords platform makes this process simple and gives our customers the information and tools they need, when they need it, in an easy-to-use format that is cost effective. Our customers instantly see the value across their business from their top line to their bottom line.”

Source: Marketwatch


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