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ForeignMarket_picThe TBK Consult crew is gathered in Barcelona, Spain this week.

We are having our semi annual internal Synergy Conference.

In April 2013 we were in Istanbul, Turkey. This time Barcelona is hosting our get together.

For a full week we will be reviewing our experience with helping software companies grow and assume global leadership.

Today, Monday, we are running the Entering a Foreign Market workshop.

Most of our clients have ambitions of global market leadership. Entering foreign markets is therefore a core strategy activity for our clients.

We will review our experience with running “Entering a Foreign Market” projects for our clients all over the word. We will compare results and identify approaches and frameworks, which strategies have proven more effective than others. TBK Consult is a practical consulting company. We measure our success by the success of our clients. The success of entering foreign markets is very measurable.

At this workshop we will review the patterns of what works where.

About TBK Consult

TBK Consult is the only management consulting company in the world with experience in taking software companies from multiple countries to multiple counties.

We help Italian software companies into Turkey, Germany, The Nordics etc. We help Estonian software companies into The Nordics, Benelux, Germany etc. We help Finnish & Luxembourg companies into the UK, Germany, Sweden etc. We help Danish companies into Turkey, Sweden, Norway, the UK, Germany etc. We help US companies into Europe.

I think you get the picture.

At TBK Consult we do not  have a vested interest in any specific country. We help our clients identify those markets and apply the sequence that makes most sense and promises the best rewards for their investments.

TBK Consult is a group of independent business development executives. We operate on the basis that our clients pay for the value we provide.

The Way to Grow – The TBK Consult accelerator framework. from Hans Peter Bech on Vimeo.

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