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NextUC (Henderson, NV, USA) is gaining ground as a go to solution for business looking to break the traditional mold associated with the telephone and carrier world. The cracks in the mold include: no contracts, free 60 day evaluation period, instant turn up; telephone calls, video conferencing, web conferencing, audio conferencing, chat, presence, and mobile solutions all working in minutes rather than months (or never).

NextUC has changed the perspective that traditional carriers have forced on the business community for decades. NextUC believes that a customer’s loyalty must be earned every day and allows customers to leave without penalty at any point. NextUC believes the playing field should be set so that business customers can lower their costs, consolidate vendors, ease user adoption of powerful tools and… also have the ability to leave if the relationship is not working for any reason.

The approach is attracting customers at record pace. NextUC has set record customer additions month over month since its commercial launch. Customer satisfaction is driving word of mouth referrals which in turn create more momentum for NextUC. Customers can expect to experience a team communications and collaboration experience that provides more value at less cost than they are typically spending on web conferencing alone.

Bob Barnes, Product Marketing & Sales

Bob Barnes, Product Marketing & Sales

“The reception we are receiving from our customers is very encouraging,” says Bob Barnes VP of Product Sales and Marketing “customers are providing us with a clear message that expectations are changing for the telecom world. They are happy about the new way of doing business.”

About NextUC
NextUC exists because professional networking connects business professionals. Collaboration transforms networked professionals into high performance teams. NextUC brings professional collaboration to life with a single product – voice, video, conferencing, messaging and more. Communicate the way you want and solve hard problems. It’s as powerful as that. With NextUC clients can replace their phone and conferencing providers and simply use Lync for all of their communication needs. NextUC works on all operating systems including Windows, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone and has a mobile client available for all major mobile platforms.


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